• I thought I didn’t need a life coach but after one email question from Michelle Young, I found out how wrong I was. I had forgotten how to dream. I was planning in my business, but I wasn’t planning for what I really wanted or where I really wanted to be personally. Michelle Young is the perfect guide – a balance between personal and business coach. She understands how intimately linked the two parts need to be in order for our success to be whole. Plus she quickly calls you out on all your excuses, pushing you to be the best you with a better life.

    Tracy H. Business Owner
  • I really don’t even know where to start when thinking about the amazing gift Michelle Young is. As the universe would have it, I met Michelle at EXACTLY the right time, and with her coaching, I was able to get real clarity on where I wanted my life to take me. As a result of that clarity, I am now living the life of my dreams. Her warm yet pragmatic coaching style is the magic she brings. I’ve never met someone as intuitive or as gifted with words as Michelle.   If you want to once and for all start living your life with intention, Michelle Young should definitely be the first phone call you make.

    Betsy W. Entrepreneur, Publisher
  • I recently shared, through happy tears, how much my life has changed.  From my first phone call with Michelle I have grown and watched my dreams come to fruition.  I never thought I was the kind of person to have a life coach, or even have one tiny dream come true.  I WAS a single mom counting every penny and in a rut.  I have since out-dreamed my dreams and continue to grow and have a positive fulfilling life.  I'm happy!  Without hesitation, I am proud to say Michelle is my Life Coach and I would recommend her to anyone!  Happy Dreaming!

    Debbie T.
  • As a professional artist for 18 years, Michelle brought my perspective to my work that I wouldn't have gotten on my own. Her easy going personality helped me focus in a way I could not have done on my own. I highly recommend working with her as it has helped my career and personal life in exponential ways.

    Malen Artist

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