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Hi I'm Michelle

Nice to meet you!
I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband on what we’ve lovingly named The Young Family Ranch & Zombie Apocalypse Sanctuary.

I’m a collector of sorts. I collect languages, information and experiences. What I’ve enjoyed studying almost more than anything else is the human condition, development and success.

That curiosity about communication, people and success set me on the path to a career in speaking, teaching and coaching.

What I love best about the business of human success is connecting with clients in a way that gives me front row seats to watch their remarkable transformations.

I provide direction when things seem dark and reflect truth when failure seems immanent.

More About Me

What People are Saying About Michelle

  • I thought I didn’t need a life coach but after one question from Michelle Young, I found out how wrong I was. I had forgotten how to dream. Michelle Young is the perfect guide – a balance between personal and business coach. She understands how intimately linked the two parts need to be in order for our success to be whole. Plus she quickly calls you out on all your excuses, pushing you to be the best you with a better life.

    Tracy H. Business Owner, Podcaster
  • As a professional artist for 18 years, Michelle brought perspective to my work which I would not have gotten on my own. Her easy going personality helped me focus in a way I could not have done by myself! I highly recommend working with her, it has helped my career and personal life in exponential ways.

    Malen Professional Artist
  • My life has changed so much.  From my first phone call with Michelle I have grown and watched my dreams come to fruition.  I never thought I was the kind of person to have a life coach.  I WAS a single mom counting every penny and in a rut.  I have since out-dreamed my dreams & continue to grow & have a positive fulfilling life.  I'm happy!  I am proud to say Michelle is my Life Coach and I would recommend her to anyone! 

    Debbie Legal Secretary

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